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Dwellers of the Deep (Harbinger of Doom, #4) Glenn G. Thater

Dwellers of the Deep (Harbinger of Doom, #4)

Glenn G. Thater

Kindle Edition
328 pages
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 About the Book 

Dwellers of the Deep embraces the pulse-pounding action that the Harbinger of Doom Saga is known for, with battles so real, so immersive, you will find yourself reaching for your sword. Expansive in scope, Dwellers transforms the Saga into truly epic fantasy, and drops the reader into the Byzantine web of political intrigue that swirls about the Kingdom of Lomion.In Glenn G. Thaters world of Midgaard, some kill for love or honor- others die for blood and souls. In Dwellers of the Deep, the fourth volume of the saga unfolds across a vast ocean of bleak expanses and forbidden islands that harbor secrets best unspoken, ancient magics best left buried, voracious monsters of the gelid depths, and a god of the outer spheres whose wrath will shake the very foundations of Midgaard.Within these pages, heroes and villains abound. But are the heroes those that quest with Theta to keep shuttered the portal betwixt the worlds, or those that sail with Korrgonn for god and glory, to restore Azathoths reign? Only you can decide. But in the end, Ob will tell you, evil is as evil does, and in Midgaard, only one thing is certain -- nothing is as it seems.BOOKS BY GLENN G. THATERTHE HARBINGER OF DOOM SAGAGATEWAY TO NIFLEHEIMTHE FALLEN ANGLEKNIGHT ETERNALDWELLERS OF THE DEEPVOLUME 5+ forthcomingHARBINGER OF DOOM(Combines The Gateway and The Fallen Angle into a single volume)THE HERO AND THE FIEND(A novelette set in the Harbinger of Doom universe)THE GATEWAY(A novella length version of Gateway to Nifleheim)keywords: best urban fantasy, best young adult fantasy, fantasy epic series, norse mythology, sword and sorcery, top fantasy series, young adult fantasy series