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Sojourns: A Collection of Poetry John William Curley

Sojourns: A Collection of Poetry

John William Curley

55 pages
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 About the Book 

Sojourns is the collected work of poems by John William Curley, the author of Passages of Sorrow and The Sea Giveth. This collection spans many years from his earliest works to 2008. It embodies the same emotions that are evident throughout the novels. The reader is sure to enjoy and relate to the themes and expression. It harkens back to a day when poetry was more than words merely thrown together.Sample:A PROMISE (HEAVEN AND EARTH)Starry evening,Perfection of the gods,Spellbound and spell castAs subjects of the lords.Do they look upon us?Do they smile?At our games so vile.Caught between heaven and a dream,Caught between earth and the obscene,A race between midnight and my love,A race between the stars above.Who shall win the raceBetween passion and fate?Who shall rise aboveBetween hunger and love?When shall the blind face the light?When shall the faceless be uncovered by sight?Do we dare to commit ourselves?Do we dare to conquer ourselves?Can attraction be held at bay?Does professed love have the final say?Does a morning’s kiss grow oldAs the day unfolds?When your eyes promise heaven,Will it crash upon my earth?Will it shatter my life to pieces?What is your paradise worth?When a heart promises earthAnd heaven is merely a lie,Will I love you lessOr until the day I die?A promise only has meaningWhen two hearts coincide,Caught between heaven and earthAnd an optimistic sunrise.