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Day of the Virus MR Kerry Hugh Dillon

Day of the Virus

MR Kerry Hugh Dillon

Published September 12th 2012
ISBN : 9781500159061
338 pages
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 About the Book 

Clay Dean was only a teenager when he narrowly escapes with his life after the horrific deaths of his mother and sister. Four years later his new peaceful life is again shattered, as the secrecy of his new identity and location is compromised. This time late adolescent changes in his body kick in with bewildering talents which assist him to escape, but his violent reaction against his assailants unfortunately gives them the opportunity to now propel him into criminal status. After later being surprised and captured, he survives a near death experience, and manages to escape with a young woman who was also being held with him in brutal captivity. Their flight is tangled with incomprehensible complications, as he is plagued with unusual sensory and mutating physical oddities about himself which he can not fully understand. Stunned to discover that his principal assailants are from a ruthless clandestine government agency, he and Kate strive to delve into his familys past in an attempt to discover the reasons behind this relentless persecution. He responds to their savagery with a ruthlessness of his own, and they work together to cope with the terrifying cellular changes that are occurring within him from his fathers mutated DNA, and to continue his quest in solving the lethal mystery that threatens their survival.