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Recycle: A Handbook for Kids Gail Gibbons

Recycle: A Handbook for Kids

Gail Gibbons

ISBN : 9780606273152
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 About the Book 

Quality Informational TextThis book by Gail Gibbon is a quality descriptive nonfiction informational text that is clearly written in language that my students can understand. This book has colorful and fun illustrations that are informative as well as engaging. I have many of her books in my library and have used them many times for Social Studies and Science because they are so well written. This Book clearly shows how trash is now a danger to our world and how resources are limited. It gives the reader clear instructions on how things like paper, glass, plastic and aluminum are made and how recycling can help and ways each of us can do it in a step by step manner. In my class we read a lot of informational texts. Many of these stories have photographs. This text has illustrations and is a good example how informational texts can illustrations not just pictures. Text features like labels, headings can still be discussed as well as why the author used the illustration they did. This book would work well during earth day but is also a social justice issue. Encouraging our students to take care of the earth and their community should be part of the everyday curriculum.