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Rendezvous: A short erotic story Perri Forrest

Rendezvous: A short erotic story

Perri Forrest

Kindle Edition
47 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Since TRB has its own spot on Goodreads, it wanted to take the time to put some abbreviated thoughts on some of the past works as well as current works. The abbreviated thoughts are taken directly from the actual TRB post on Wordpress. In addition, we will state the name of the reviewer (or reviewers) who did the actual review.No Labels Unleashed (known as Queen of Spades on Goodreads) did an extended review on this work. Here is some of what she had to say about Rendezvous:Perri Forrest does a wonderful job in intermingling sensual without being intensely blatant. It takes skill to be able to create chemistry on the page when you cannot see it. Just like a woman doesn’t want to have sex with every man she sees, it doesn’t really make much sense to have a female jump a man’s bones without the chemistry being painted in some way.Perri does an wonderful job in painting Gabriella’s (the central character’s) connection with Robert while keeping the heat going in the first chapter. She also does a wonderful job of intermingling the twist (the exposure) during Gabriella’s trip in Brazil as well as backtracking her history with Ken.In an actual novel, one can have many chapters in order to get all of this laid out.However, in a short story, there is a certain length one has to work with. One has to strike a balance between being detailed, having the plot play out (whether to some form of closure…or as a hint of more to come), character development, and especially in erotica, have enough heat to keep the pages turning.Rendezvous: The Short Story is the epitome of having all of these things in balance.For more, please check out Unleashed Speaks on Rendezvous: A Short Story