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The Thanksgiving Story Alice Dalgliesh

The Thanksgiving Story

Alice Dalgliesh

ISBN : 9780590438926
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 About the Book 

This was my book as a child and somehow it survived all this time so that I could pull it out when my 3.5 year old son asked me What is Thanksgiving? I began to explain the story to him when he interrupted me to ask if thanksgiving was when you ate turkey so I decided to dig this book out to hold his attention a bit longer. :PI had forgotten how detailed the book is and how many interesting facts were included in it for being a young childs book. It is very wordy and while my son sat and listened to the entire thing, it seems more appropriate for a young grade schooler.All in all, a very nice account of the thanksgiving story! I am thinking it will make a nice holiday tradition in our family to read it every year in November.