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A Pirates Journey Ends Edward Batory

A Pirates Journey Ends

Edward Batory

Published June 23rd 2008
Kindle Edition
232 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A Pirates Journey Ends is a classic tale. It is the story of two young London boys who are growing up in poverty. One of the boys has a friend who has gained wealth by sailing on a pirate ship. This friend convinces the two boys that once they become older they can both become wealthy by joining him on his pirate ship. While growing older they practice their sword fighting skills with wooden swords. When they reach the age of seventeen they join the pirate ship. They sail out into the Indian Ocean and board a merchant ship that has been trading with Africa. The ship is loaded with gold coins and diamonds. The two young boys are now rich and try to join the wealthy aristocrats at their monthly dance party held at the Woodington mansion.